Adele Wasn’t The Top Brit Music Star Of The Year


Adele only made a measly $13.1 million last year, though she certainly would have earned way more had she not had to cancel U.S. concert dates when her luscious throat got sick.

So guess who the top British musical star of the year was, according to Billboard?


The smooth-operating, tranquilizing lady who translates her personal pain into jazzy, easy-listening yet disturbing pop tunes about emotional horror.

Sort of like Adele, but much more, you know, tranquilizing.

After all these years, people who like Sade really adore her.

In fact, when I asked a friend who’s a diehard fan of hers, “Sade or Mozart?” he seriously replied, “Sade.”

He’s now an ex-friend.

Anyway, here’s the whole list of Billboard‘s biggies for the year (not just British):

1. Taylor Swift $38.7 million

2. U2 $32.1 million

3. Kenny Chesney $29.8 million

4. Lady Gaga $25.4 million

5. Lil Wayne $23.2 million

6. Sade $16.4 million

7. Bon Jovi $15.8 million

8. Celine Dion $14.3 million

9. Jason Aldean $13.4 million

10. Adele $13.1 million

Yikes, Adele barely scraped into the top 10! Criminal!

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