Marilyn Hagerty to Dine at Le Bernardin and the Olive Garden on Upcoming New York City Trip!


Marilyn Hagerty, America’s most famous food writer of the moment, is planning a trip to New York City. And she’s going to be blogging about her visit, which will include stops to Le Bernardin and, of course, the Olive Garden in Times Square.

She, along with Ryan Babb of Forum Communications, will be making the rounds, and will have the pleasure of dining at Eric Ripert’s seafood-centric spot thanks to none other than Anthony Bourdain, who secured a resy from his friend. What a mensch!

Grand Forks Gourmet also reports that she’ll “do another, five-star restaurant review along with a visit with Anderson Cooper to the Olive Garden in Times Square,” and will appear on his show. And apparently talks are in the works to have lunch with Michelle Obama.

Marilyn, haters will always hate, but let Fork in the Road be the first to welcome you to the Big Apple. When you’re here, you’re family.