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Fire Island Update! Construction’s Being Done! | Village Voice


Fire Island Update! Construction’s Being Done!


I just wrote about the possibility that much of the commercial real estate in the Fire Island Pines may be for sale, included the recently burned-down Pavilion club, which one blogger said was a mere sand lot at this point.

But that was then.

Maybe it was the avalanche of press that greeted my running that info, but a friend on the Island now tells me that yesterday all sorts of workers were busy trying to start the Pavilion up again.

They were in heavy-duty, hopeful, productive, constructive mode.

Oh, goodie. That’ll make it so much more appealing to prospective buyers.

Meanwhile, half-shares in the Pines (meaning 10-week leases) are still going for a ton of money — in the $27,000-to-$34,000 range, I hear — but the price depends on just where the share is.

If it’s closer to Cherry Grove, it’s going for more because real estate brokers aren’t convinced the Pavilion will be ready in time for the summer madness.

You hear that, construction people? Hurry it up!

The whole future of the Pines is in your hands!

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