I Hate Movies And Will Never See Another One! Here’s Why!


Check out my hot new column, which is the latest addition to my “Why I Hate …” series that’s sweeping the nation.

This one deals with:

*The horror of 3-D used for films that don’t really warrant it (or don’t even take advantage of it)!

*The sequels to films you didn’t want in the first place!

*The absurdity of the Oscars’ Best Song category, a cavalcade of hitlessness!

*The nuttiness of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and even some people who weren’t in The Tourist!

*The omnipresence of three hardworking actors who need to rest their nerves — and ours, too!

*The poignancy of those Twilight actors valiantly trying to make other movies.

*And the fact that you’re forced to sit there and watch commercials while you could have stayed home and fast-forwarded through them for free!

Don’t get me started.

Just read this hilarious and incisive column before it gets turned into a movie.

In 3-D!

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