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Ron Paul Has Been Abandoned!


Ron Paul is a lonely, lonely man. At least when it comes to the media.

Politico reports that NBC, the last network to keep an embedded reporter on the Texas gyno/congressman’s campaign trail, has decided to remove the journalist from this post. So nobody is following him. How sad!

Now, you could make the case that Paul didn’t really have the press corps entourage of Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum to begin with.

That said, coverage of the occasional Paul party or rally has still continued to drop off.

Even Fox News, which is pretty much a conservative mouthpiece, has backed away from the fringe libertarian.

“Meanwhile, outlets that have been providing frequent but not full coverage, including Fox News, have no intention of putting a reporter back out full-time,” Politico notes.

“Paul doesn’t have as many events right now as the other candidates in the race,” Hunter Ryan, the politics editor at Fox News Channel, told the website. “He is focusing on certain states. I am planning on covering him… [and] a combination of embed and bureau resources will be used to cover Paul going forward.”

Turns out, outlets appear disinterested in him because they think he’s kinda insignificant, Politico notes. And they might be right.

From the Wall Street Journal‘s latest count, he has a measly 48 delegates and hasn’t won a single primary or caucus contest. What this means? It’s pretty damned unlikely he can muster the 1,144 votes necessary to nab the Republican nomination.


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