Sorry Restaurant Owners, People Actually Like the Letter-Grading System


The people have spoken, and they want grades. Last week, Mayor Bloomberg announced the results of a poll that showed that most New Yorkers approve of the letter-grading system; they were later dismissed by restaurant owners who said that the survey had been conducted by a city institution — CUNY’s Baruch College — making it biased. But now a new survey from a non-city source has largely corroborated these first findings.

The Baruch survey found that 91 percent of New Yorkers approve of the grading system, and 88 percent of people take grades into account when choosing a restaurant, according to the Times. A new survey from Quinnipiac University revealed that 82 percent of New Yorkers support the system and 67 percent say that the grades affect where they eat.

How restaurant owners are going to get people to change their minds about a system that many of them consider unfair and harmful to their businesses remains to be seen.

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