Year of the Takeout Day 72: Chinese Mirch


Szechuan Bhel from Chinese Mirch (120 Lexington Avenue, 212-532-3663)

Chinese Mirch is an eclectic establishment that serves up Chinese-Indian mash-ups.

Indeed, this is one of the more unique — and mouthwatering — forms of Asian fusion that we’ve seen.

Year of the Takeout sampled Mirch’s stand at Choice Eats, and had the chance to try the Chinese approach to one of India’s most popular street foods, a puffed rice and potato/cracked lentil noodle plate that’s typically served with tamarind chutney.

Instead of this fruit, though, Mirch uses a spicy, garlicky “Chinese” sauce, with the result being a disarmingly delectable comfort/snack/fast food. (The restaurant version is a reasonable $4.99.)

Starchy and sweet, with just the slightest sense of greasiness, this plate makes YotT want to try more and more (and more!) of Mirch’s menu.