Ray’s Ghostwriter Denial; Bloated Scallops


Find out why President Obama gave Prime Minister David Cameron a grill engraved with American and British friendship flags. [AP]

Rachael Ray tells Eater that despite what Julia Moskin wrote in her Times article yesterday, she has never used a ghostwriter for her cookbooks. [Eater]

Sushi eaters beware: Fish and spices are at the top of the list of imported foods that make us sick. [The Salt]

The owner of the Wall Street Burgers food truck claims a rogue worker took off with his $100,000 truck, and has continued serving burgers and pocketing the profits. [NY Daily News]

Burgers for babies? A recent study links low sperm count with a diet high in saturated fat. [NY Daily News]

How seafood fraudsters get away with selling bloated scallops that are smaller than they look. [SF Gate]

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