The Best Drag Show In Town


It’s Hot Mess, the drag revue that happens every Wednesday at 9 p.m. at the new club xl.

It’s great to see the drag queens in an elaborate show done in a high-tech setting, with state-of-the-art projections, a large stage, and cabaret seating.

It’s what they deserve!

And last night, insult comic Bianca del Rio was a riot, bantering with co-star Lady Bunny (“Let’s clap for her because she’s funny — and she’s gonna die soon”) and with the audience, three of whom were made to come up, pick a wig, and lip-synch a diva.

(A chubby queen did a brilliant Cher and easily beat out a skinny Mexican Rihanna and a boozy blond Britney.)

The swiveling Dwayne Milan, majestic Skyla Versai, fearless Logan Hardcore, glamorous Epiphany, and brilliantly demented Sugga Pie Koko did hot individual numbers, as well as slickly energetic group routines, like a tribute to Whitney Houston and the hooker number from The Life (which they could do in their sleep).

And Bunny weighed in with her riotous medley of pop hits graced with new, raunchy lyrics. (“It takes two to make a hole feel tight …”)

Bianca responded, “A drag parody! Zzzz. At least she kept it short.

“Sherry Vine does 14 minutes of crapping in her pants.

“But I’m gonna be on her Here show. Maybe one day I’ll get to Logo. [Rolls eyes.]

“Let’s not talk about the RuPaul show because some of tonight’s girls are in it and they take it seriously.

“‘It was my night to shine and they eliminated me!’

“Yeah, yeah, get out of my mirror. I have to do some lines.”

Anyway, after the 70-minute mark, I was worn out from laughing.

And they took a break and came back for the second half!


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