The Cinnamon Challenge: Don’t Try This at Home, Kids


Marilyn Hagerty might be the biggest food meme of the moment, but another culinary craze on the Internet has spiked in popularity in recent weeks: the cinnamon challenge. If you’re not already aware of the challenge, the purpose of it is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without water and, naturally, film yourself on YouTube so that the whole world can share in your gastronomic delights and disgust. But — shocker of all shockers — doctors are warning that this is an actually dangerous activity, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Doctors note that ingesting cinnamon can prevent air from reaching the lungs, posing a choking hazard. But middle schoolers don’t care — they just want to be cool! One school in Pennsylvania has even banned open-top boots to prevent kids from smuggling vials of cinnamon on campus.

And, as the plethora of YouTube videos can attest, grown-ups are bizarrely also partaking in the fun.

But seriously, people, this doesn’t even look like a good time: