Vegan, Gluten-Free ‘Nibblers’ Are a Happy Accident


How many times have you thrown together a dish based solely on what you happened to have in the fridge? That’s exactly how Carrie Firestone came up with Nibblers, a vegan, gluten-free dessert sold in cafés like the Bean and Teany.

“I had some ingredients in the fridge — some dark chocolate that was too dark to eat, sage, walnuts,” says Firestone. “I wanted to make a dessert and I knew I wanted it to be vegan because I don’t eat dairy or meat. I just threw it together and it came out really well. … I bake a lot so I do know what I’m doing in the kitchen.”

Still, she had no plans to peddle her creations to the public. She made them for her friend Rachael Grace, who liked them so much that she decided they should go into business together.

Described as “the love child of a truffle and a cupcake,” Nibblers comes in three flavors: the original Clinton Street Classic, made with organic, fair-trade dark chocolate infused with fresh sage and dusted with sea salt; the Loisaida, flavored with cinnamon and chili; and the Nolita, made with alderwood-smoked sea salt, toasted coconut, and a hint of lavender. In addition to health-conscious cafés, juice bars, and vegan or gluten-free establishments, you can buy Nibblers online for $28 a dozen.

Nibblers can also be found at select yoga studios. Firestone says she and Grace, who are both yoga instructors, are targeting yogis because they “aren’t afraid of vegan and gluten-free. Most people hear the words and think it will taste like cardboard. But Nibblers are really delicious; they don’t taste vegan or gluten-free at all.”