Year of the Takeout Day 74: King’s Food


Pizza Egg Roll from King’s Food (a/k/a Grace Food I, 170 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-599-2489)

Imagine wrapping a breaded, fried mozzarella stick in an egg-roll shell and then dipping that baddie in a deep fryer. Hot damn!

Well, stop imagining. It’s real! And that batshit fat speedball of your dreams is kinda what King Food’s pizza egg roll tastes like, in the best of ways. A crackling-hot cylinder of starchy, doughy grease cradles an oozing, semisolid filling of tomato and melted cheese.

For $1.25, this made-in-house specialty — which YotT has only spotted in Brooklyn — is well worth the arterial damage it most certainly causes. (We totally ate two, FYI.)