GOP Convention Underway: Meet Your “Extreme” Candidates For Senate Right Here


New York’s GOP convention kicked off today in Rochester, and state Dems are using the occasion to sling a little mud at the three Republican candidates for Senate — and by “mud,” we mean facts.

Three GOP hopefuls for the Senate seat held by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand are Manhattan attorney Wendy Long, Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos, and Congressman Bob Turner, who took the seat when Anthony Weiner left Congress in disgrace.

State Dems have determined that all three candidates are “extreme,” and that the Party itself is in “total chaos and disarray.”

“Extreme” may be a stretch — all three candidates just seem like run-of-the-mill Republicans; none support gay marriage, all oppose abortion, and they each support tax cuts for the wealthy, according to Democratic Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs.

“Even for the New York State Republican Party, they are in total chaos
and disarray this year in a never-ending search for a credible candidate
that can match up with the enormously effective Senator Gillibrand,” Jacobs says.
“They are running on empty heading into a divisive primary of who can
pander to the Tea Party the most over the coming months.”

The Dems sent us over some dopey comments that each of the candidates have made over the years to help illustrate their point that they’re all lunatics.

For example, this is how Long feels about gay marriage: “Who says I can’t marry my mother? You and I love our dogs. Who says we can’t marry our dogs? The rational, and it’s not to cast any assertions
or to discredit my mother or the dog. It’s simply saying there are no
principle distinctions. There’s no principle distinction to why you and I
and five other people can’t get married. If we wanted to form a commune
and say we are married” (Laura Ingraham via Denny Burke, 8/5/10).

As for her thoughts on “rights,” Long says “Our rights come from God. They don’t come from the state” (MSNBC, 9/14/05).

Well…god can’t issue a pistol permit. Where do we get those, Wendy?

Here’s Maragos’ take on contraception and women’s rights: “It has
nothing to do with the health and well-being of women in this case.
Contraception is readily available to everyone” (Capital Tonight, 2/20/12, see 1:15 min mark).

As for his thoughts on gay marriage, Maragos says “Some people would even like to marry with their pets,”
worried that the legalization of gay marriage could also lead to the
legalization of polygamy — and apparently bestiality, too [The Island Now, 8/24/11].

Click here to read a story we did a few years ago about a self-described “zoosexual,” who told us that while he loves sex with horses, he has no interest in marrying one. In other words, even people who are into that sort of thing don’t always want to tie the knot with an animal.

Then there’s the following foot-in-mouth moment from when Maragos discussed his previous attempt to run for Senate against Senator Chuck Schumer: “It wasn’t a serious attempt against Schumer. It was a reason to go around the state and visit
county chairs” [City & State, 8/19/11].

As for Turner, only one of the quotes the Dems sent over inspired an instant face-palm (he’s only been in office for a few months — give him time), and, like Long, it has to do with divine authority.

“God makes the rules and we have to abide by
them. That is in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers were all
Christians and this is a Christian nation. That would be a good thing to
teach our children. That is a yes. You are talking about religion as
opposed to belief in God. You can teach that there is a creator of
every- thing. That is woven into the fabric of our nation” [The Wave, 10/29/10]

There you have it, GOPers — those are your options. Now go figure out who’s the nuttiest and vote accordingly.