Maruko Sushi Opens, Selling Mad Cheap Nigiri


Maruko Sushi, a takeout sushi shop on 23rd Street, opened its doors last week, selling individually wrapped pieces of nigiri and an assortment of bubble teas.

The shiny white minimalist space features two display cases filled with nigiri, including standard selections like shrimp, tuna, salmon, egg omelet, and mock crab meat, plus an assortment of gunkan-maki, with nori wrapped around the fish-topped rice. Prices average about $1.20 to $1.50 per piece, with a daily special being offered at $1.

As you’d expect, this isn’t Masa-quality fish. The three pieces sampled (shrimp, tuna, and spicy tuna) honestly didn’t taste like much at all. But then again, the shop is clearly prizing convenience over everything else, noting that chopsticks are no longer needed for sushi eating, and that the prepackaged bites can easily be eaten on-the-go. You’re definitely getting what you pay for, but in the realm of $1 sushi, it’s not that bad.