No Construction At Fire Island Pavilion After All


My source was delirious, maybe from the fresh air.

It’s the La Fontaine Building, which includes Sip N Twirl, that is currently being reconstructed after the fire (see below photo).

But the also-burnt-down dance club the Pavilion — which a source had told me was currently being rebuilt — is still just sitting there.

The owners say they will create a temporary structure there this year and a permanent one in 2013, though they’re obviously not rushing.

And either way, the buzz that the property is for sale remains.

But where will the gays party?

Well, one source says there will be a tented space put up for clubbing.

And that there might be nightly boat shuttles to the Grove so you can keep your Pines share while getting down at the Ice Palace.

Whatever the case, I’m certain that the island will thrive again with lots of reckless hedonism.

I personally am not worried about any of this.

I don’t dance.

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