Pink Slime Opt-Out, Chinese Dishes in Translation


The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced that, starting next fall, schools will be able to opt out of using “pink slime” meat for school lunches. [AP]

The Chinese government is investigating a Beijing branch of McDonald’s after a program on the country’s state television showed the fast-food outlet selling expired food. [Reuters]

In more Chinese news: The Beijing government is starting a program to translate more than 3,000 dishes commonly served in Chinese restaurants into English to avoid embarrassment for tourists who have to order food with descriptions like “chicken without sex life” (tender young chicken) and “red burned lion head” (braised pork ball). [China Daily via Grub Street]

In New York, another batch of restaurants is being sued by employees. This time it’s Kefi (co-owned by Michael Psilakis), Casa La Femme, and XO Creperie. This last restaurant’s dishwashers claim that they were forced to pay a “dish charge” every night for any dishes that might have broken while they were working. [Grub Street]

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