TLC Star Drinks Her Own Urine!


Well, at least she doesn’t bother anybody else for it.

For the finale of My Strange Addiction — airing Sunday night — they’ve saved this incredible whopper:

A 53-year-old lady named Carrie who drinks her own urine, pours it into her bathwater, uses it as a lotion, and even brushes her teeth with it.

She’s imbibed 900 gallons of the stuff in the last four years alone.

She’s a regular pee-pee-holic. A real pisser.

Plus, she somehow feels it can help her medically deal with her cancer.

Oh, Carrie! Just stick to blood like the Stephen King girl of the same name!

Nah, do whatever you want, hon.

The good thing about this is that for once it didn’t happen at the Black Party.

Enjoy. Cheers. Blech.

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