Boutique Bunny Stolen By Cowboy-Hat Wearing Thieves Returned


This bad week for bunnies now has at least some good news. Miss Cooper, a Holland Lop bunny that served as a “mascot” for the SoHo boutique Alexander Berardi, was returned Saturday after having been stolen Wednesday by a couple wearing cowboy hats. Store co-owner and manager Christopher Kulukundis told Runnin’ Scared this afternoon that he identified the bunny at the First Precinct shortly after midnight Saturday.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “Unbelievable. Last night it felt like we won the lottery.”

Miss Cooper had been stolen by two homeless people, Kulukundis explained, who have since been caught. She had been kept in a fish tank. Miss Cooper appears to be all right.

“It doesn’t seem like she was hurt.” Kulukundis said. “She was scared.”

Miss Cooper has some celebrity friends. Not only does a Daily News article on her theft mention admirers Jane Krakowski and Christy Turlington, but the paper today found that journalist Carl Bernstein has bunny-affection:

“I always make a point of walking by and waving at the rabbits,” said renowned journalist Carl Bernstein, who visited the shop Saturday after he read of the bunny-napping in the Daily News.

“I’m glad it’s going to be a happy it’s going to be a happy ending.”

But it’s not just the big names that were concerned about Miss Cooper.

Thought Kulukundis is not sure if she’s going to go back in the window full-time, she has returned today so Berardi and the community could see her in safe hands.

“We love our rabbit she’s our pet, but it’s amazing how many other people do,” said Kulukundis, who shares ownership of the rabbit with store co-owner Alexander Berardi. “You should have seen these faces. It was like we found their pet for them.”

Meanwhile, we can’t say that there was any happy ending for Til, the ear-less celebrity bunny in Germany that was killed when he was stepped on by a cameraman earlier this week.

Update: Sunday, 9:19 a.m.
According to DCPI one of the people arrested was charged with criminal possession of stolen property and petty larceny and the other with just petty larceny.


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