Arrest Count 73 At OWS Saturday, Police Say, As Occupiers Wait For Arraignments


DCPI has confirmed to us that 73 people were arrested over the course of the day at the Occupy Wall Street protest staged yesterday, while OWS maintains that then number is over 90. Our reporter Nick Pinto headed over to 100 Centre Street for the arraignments of those that were taken into custody, but when he arrived found that none of the arrests appeared to be on the calendar for arraignments. Now some people waiting for their arrested friends are telling Nick that the earliest those will happen is tonight.

Nick reports that Zachary Kamel, whose girlfriend Lauren DiGioia was among the first people arrested yesterday around 2:30 a.m., was told that he could expect — at the earliest — her arraignment to come after dinner.

Joseph Giacona, also waiting for his girlfriend, was informed that she was still being held at the 14th Precinct and will be arraigned at earliest tonight. She was arrested along with 52 others in the eviction from Zuccotti.

Follow Nick for more as that element of the story progresses.

Meanwhile, looking forward, one Occupy organizer, Andrew Smith, told us today that last night’s action from occupiers was small and spontaneous compared to what is being planned for May Day.

“What’s I think really positive looking forward is this action was only planned a week ahead of time and is no where any where near the size of what will be May 1st,” he said.

Smith said that OWS has been working all winter long and this is just the beginning of the fruits of their efforts. However, he added that an effort around responding to police brutality will be necessary in preparation for May because of the amount they witnessed last night. In one of the most high-profile stories from the events, Cecily McMillan, who had been profiled in Rolling Stone reportedly suffered a seizure after being handled with extreme force. The Observer has two videos purporting to show her arrest.

We reached out to DCPI for an official comment on the reports of violence that took place and have not heard back.

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