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Want To Host A Rat ‘Party?’ Have A Car In the City


Forget lack of cheap or available parking, the Daily News today has another reason not to keep a car in the city: rats. Yes, according to an opinion piece by ABC News writer and producer Joel Siegel, the city’s furry/gross friends . Siegel tells the tale of the multiple rat “parties” — his mechanic’s words — that took place in the hood of his Volvo. We’re just imagining all the city’s rats getting together and saying, “look we’ve gotten recognition for our domination of the subways and parks, how can can we promote our work in other fields?”

So, the rat leaders then sent a team of rat PR agents out to Siegel’s car so Siegel could spread the word of the work they are doing in destroying the innards of cars.

That said, this problem isn’t exactly new. Some might remember a New York Times story from December 2007 on the same topic. And, as Siegel writes, apparently if you’re a mechanic in the city, rat visitations to vehicles are not shocking:

I discovered mechanics in this city know as much about rats as rotors. Nathan Gruber, of Manhattan Alignment & Diagnostic Center on W. 131st St., practically sounded like the host of “Wild Kingdom.” He told me the teeth of rats always grow, and so they chew on metal to grind them down. Wires are prime targets, he added. The only good news: The rats couldn’t get into the passenger compartment of my car.

Furthermore, as Siegel’s saga continued he learned he wasn’t alone. After he had his two close encounters with the ratty kind, he found that others had also had run-ins with the creatures.

So the solution? Siegel’s mechanic suggested using cayenne pepper or mothballs to keep the rats away.


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