Year of the Takeout Day 76: Green Leaves


Vegetarian General Tso’s Chicken from Green Leaves (1030 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, 718-349-5976)

General Tso’s chicken is typically the worst faux-meat option (at least in Year of the Takeout‘s humble opinion).

Most of the time, it’s deep-fried tofu covered in that classic citrusy/sweet sauce, but without the salty fattiness of meat to downplay the sugary elements.

This is not the case at Green Leaves.

The $5.95 plate seems to be made of shredded tofu skin or a similarly textured vegetable protein, and boasts a meaty mouthfeel and flavor.

The overall vibe is that of vegetarian pulled pork, served piping-hot on a bed of steamed broccoli. Superlative.

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