Year of the Takeout Day 77: Frozen Flops


In keeping with our ongoing experiment, YotT indeed went to a Chinese-American establishment today, but it was meh (at best), and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to write about it.

Instead, YotT will serve up a very cursory exploration of two frozen Chinese foods readily available at grocery stores, in the TV-dinner section.

On today’s menu? Green Giant’s lo mein and Annie Chun’s chicken and garlic wonton soup.

Of the lo mein ($4.99 at a Brooklyn supermarket), this can be said: It would be filling and a good value if you could get through it. Unfortunately, it’s bland, slimy pasta with sticky-sweet teriyaki sauce and a few flavorless veggies. You’re supposed to “marinate” meat in this sauce and then stir-fry the whole thing, but it seems like using pork or chicken would just be a waste.

Chun’s $4.09 soup, however, was more palatable.

The pillows burst with adequately spiced, bold poultry. This would have been a solid pick, but the broth was a flop — entirely too weak and kinda foamy.

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