Boy George Fights Back Against Twitter Cretin Attack! “Hush, Ugly!”


Boy George got wind of a strange flood of idiotic tweets using his name this weekend, all salacious and stupid and illiterate.

Things like “Boy George loves ya c**k” (asterisks mine) and “Boy George fancy ya ass” as well as other dumb stuff tweeted to him to rankle his cankles.

Or as he explained it to a friend:

“Hundreds & hundreds of stoopid c*nts tweeting me about ‘bum’ and ‘c**k’ which usually would be ok but I’m over it.”

Well, the singer answered them in the expected high style.

Here are some of his extremely colorful personal replies to the dummos:

“Why are people obsessed with who’s ass I like! If I like ya ass I will let you know.”

“It’s a crying shame not one of your parents is attractive.”

“Eat sh*t. It’s national eat sh*t day and you are now the president.”

“With that grin it looks like you’ve been sitting on your own finger.”

“Sh*t sandwich for yo sad ass bitch tits!”

“Hush, ugly! Be gone!”

And the classic:

“Blocked twat!”

George then revealed that he’ll stick with Twitter, but within limits right now.

“I’m not leaving,” he tweeted, “just not engaging or going to my timeline! It will be one way traffic until this is dealt with!”

Damn. I was loving his responses.

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