Dipset (13) Clashes With Bette Midler (5) As SOTC’s March Madness Gets Heated


​Sound of the City’s search for the quintessential New York City musician enters Round Two this week. Today, all the remaining contenders in the Uptown division battle it out in the Round of 32. Keep up with all the action here.

As if predestined by the Moirai, Bette Midler and the Diplomats will have it out in Sound Of The City’s tournament—and in the round of 32, no less. It was going to come down to this at some point, of course, but it seems so soon! Uptown’s hardest going in against a bunch of rappers? It chills the blood. Midler murked Kool Herc—one of a few guys who basically invented hip-hop—in the first round, so what chance do Cam’ron and company stand? Find out after the jump.

Best song:

Dipset: “Dipset (Santana’s Town)”


Bette Midler: “The Rose”


Longevity: Bette’s been at this for almost fifty years, while the Dipset crew’s constant infighting has left them with a measly decade, and a shaky one at that. However, the fact that they’re back together and working on new music could earn them a few points in this category. Regardless, even if the rumored Diplomatic Immunity 3 winds up being the best-selling, most critically adored crew-release of all time, it’ll probably take more than half a century for the Dips to accrue the Grammys, Globes and Oscar noms Bette has racked up.

Innovations: Bette didn’t invent the idea that an artist could effortlessly move between the film, music and stage worlds, but she showed us how it could all be done with class and humor. The Diplomats, on the other hand, gave us Freekey Zekey.

Starpower: Both have cult-like followings, but it’s safe to say that more people have seen Beaches than Killa Season. Which is really too bad.

Intangibles: “Midler” rhymes with both “fiddler” and “riddler”. Your move, Hell Rell!

Likely winner: There’s no arguing that both want it bad, but it’s ultimately going to come down to whoever is ruthless enough to stand up and take it. In other words, it looks like this one is going to the Divine Miss M. Related: Does anyone know of Ms. Midler’s whereabouts on October 23, 2005?


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