George Rekers’ Rentboy Is Coming To The Hookies!


Jo-Vanni Roman, the Rentboy.com star who famously traveled with anti-gay minister George Rekers — to help him carry his luggage, mind you — is going to be a trophy boy once again.

He’s supposedly packing his own bags and going to a gala awards show.

No, not the next Oscars. I mean really gala.

The Hookies!

The Rentboy.com awards for escorts, held at Roseland this Friday!

Who could be more deserving of admission?

Rentboy director Sean Van Sant tells me they even considered giving Jo-Vanni an award that night, but he may have broken the escort code of conduct by revealing the client’s name, so that disqualified him.

I guess there’s no category for Best Blower of Whistles.

“That kind of story scares clients away,” said Van Sant, “and Rentboy is based on confidentiality. It’s not our business to expose anybody.”

And yet, while Jo-Vanni did give an interview where he bespoke Reker’s name, he’s still cute, he gives good massages, and he’s very welcome there.

He might even present an award — just like I’m doing!

Packing my luggage as we speak.

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