Staffer Says Rosie O’Donnell’s Show Was “A F**king Hellhole”! Please! Sour Grapes!


Now that Rosie O’Donnell‘s show has been canceled by Oprah’s OWN, the beleaguered moths are flying out of the closet to bitch and kvetch up a storm.

“It was a fucking hellhole!” griped one staffer in an interview.

There are all kinds of reasons listed as to why Rosie was supposedly an absolute horror to work for.

But the first one that caught my eye says it all:

She yelled at a publicist because she didn’t like the parameters that were set for an interview.

Oh, please!

That’s great!

That’s the kind of thing I would do!

Publicists are always trying to dictate what topics must remain unspoken, trying to produce the show (or edit your column), whereas a more genial air would make for a better interview for all involved — and celebs can always evade questions in that charming way of theirs if they want to.

Rosie was just doing what was best for the show in that instance.

So let’s not lynch Rosie now that she’s no longer one of our OWN.

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