Year of the Takeout Day 78: Hachi Asian Bistro


Wok Lo Mein from Hachi Asian Bistro (631 Grand Street, 718-218-9888)

The $8 wok lo mein at this Asian fusion joint leaves you with many questions.

First, you kinda wonder about all the other lo mein on the menu that’s not specifically identified by cookware, and want to know what it’s being made in if not a wok, and why it’s so important to emphasize the pot or pan in the first place.

(Or maybe that kind of weird thought process is reserved for wackos like us …)

And then there’s the presence of potatoes — both oily chunks and crisp, greasy flakes — which perplexes, as do the tomatoes swirled throughout the plate.

But the starchfest that is this sampling, however curious, does not disappoint.

Though higher-end eateries have been largely mediocre — offering nothing superior to most takeout ventures at a significantly higher cost — this dish bursts with garlicky flavor, which is rounded out nicely with plentiful scallion shreds.

And Hachi does not skimp on the fluffily fried egg — nor does it hold back on the masterfully seasoned chicken.


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