Ashton Kutcher’s Going To Space. Sadly, He’s Not Staying


There’s good news and bad news: Fact-phobic Dude, Where’s My Car star Ashton Kutcher is heading to space. Unfortunately, he’s not staying.

On his blog yesterday, Sir Richard Branson, the chairman of Virgin Group, announced that Kutcher would be the 500th person to get shot into space on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Rocket Plane.

Branson also vows to bring him back safely.

From Branson’s blog:

Great news today news from our Astronaut Relations team at Virgin Galactic:
our 500th future astronaut customer has just signed up! Even better
news is that number 500 is Ashton Kutcher. I gave Ashton a quick call to
congratulate and welcome him. He is as thrilled as we are at the
prospect of being among the first to cross the final frontier (and
back!) with us and to experience the magic of space for himself.

According to, the recently single Kutcher shelled out a cool $200,000 to take a ride on Branson’s spaceship.

If you’re unfamiliar with Branson’s private space exploration program —
which gives the richest of the rich the opportunity to travel to space
— it’s explained in the video embedded below.

Have a nice trip, Ashton! Don’t let the atmosphere hit you in the ass on the way out.