Passover: Where to Eat


It’s definitely a hurdle. That is, avoiding bread in a city obsessed with all things leavened — pizza, pancakes, artisanal breads. Sure, you can go to regular restaurants and adjust your meal. Caesar salad with no croutons, a hamburger without the bun. Or, God forbid, you could go the whole holiday and only eat at home, toting a box of matzo with you to the office. But there’s also a third option.

A handful of restaurants go out of their way to host Passover-friendly meals, whipping up Grandma-style matzo-ball soups and nouveau takes on brisket. They may not be technically Kosher for Passover (meaning they don’t have their kitchens cleaned out and blessed) but then again, most mainstream observers are only ditching the dinner rolls out of tradition anyway. In that spirit, here are a few Kosher for Passover-style options for your seder.

He’s known for his serious takes on Mexican and Latin cuisines, however, Julian Medina spins his cuisine during the Jewish holidays. A Judaism convert, the toque puts together a meal that will satisfy both a bubbe and her grandkids alike. This year, he’s put together a menu that includes both his popular brisket tacos as well as a newer dish, Tlayuda de Pescado: wild bass, avocado salad, pasilla salsa, and matzo “mas.” Both dishes, plus about a dozen others, can be found at Toloache 50, Toloache 82, Yerba Buena Avenue A, and Yerba Buena Perry.

Over at Kutsher’s Tribeca, Zach Kutsher has curated a multi-course feast for your celebration purposes. Their prix fixe ($78 per person, $48 for children under 10) is a list of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, including Mrs. K’s Matzo-Ball Soup and Friday Night Roast Chicken. Finish it off with house-made jellies and marshmallow twists.

Want to host a dinner without lifting a finger? Mile End Delicatessen is at hand with a Passover catering menu that includes a pre-made seder plate, flourless baked goods, and a family meal that features gefilte fish and matzo-ball soup plus your choice of protein and sides.


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