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Whitney Was No Pushover! She Was a Leo Woman!


So says publicist Jackie Rinehart in her written memorial of the singer she worked with.

Writes Rinehart:

“What first impressed me about Whitney was her strong will. You could sense that strength immediately.

“She was not weak, a pushover, or easily beguiled. She was a Leo woman and could give a look that let you know it — like a real sister girl! I loved that about her.”

It’s also what scared me a little about her.

Rinehart also mentions Whtney’s “princess genealogy” (she was born into musical royalty), but she keeps returning to her wild-kingdom analogies in describing Whitney’s leonine ways.

“At times, Whitney was as self-contained as a lioness,” she writes, “being the true Leo she was. She could be as poised and cool as her cousin Dionne could sing.

“Her brand was propagated in part by a great music label doing its job.

“But her image also was supported by the media and fans all yearning for an arechetypal female icon to be our musical bridge from the cool polish of Diana Ross and the Supremes to the gritty rawness of Mary J. Blige.”

The resulting sound, Rinehart notes, occasionally got Whitney booed for not being “black enough,” but she details how she urged Whitney to be a Leo and fight back!

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