Jane Fonda As An Eccentric Granny


In a movie, that is.

Doesn’t she look amazing in the role?

It’s from Bruce Beresford‘s Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, which is opening in June.

The “dramatic comedy” stars Fonda, Catherine Keener, Kyle MacLachlan, Elizabeth Olsen (above with Fonda), Chace Crawford, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Rosanna Arquette, and Nat Wolff — basically everyone I’ve ever met.

The plot?

“Diane (Keener) is a conservative lawyer who, after splitting with her husband, takes her two teenage children, Zoe (Olsen) and Jake (Wolff), to meet their estranged, eccentric grandmother Grace (Fonda), the epitome of the term ‘free spirit’, who lives in Woodstock, NY.

“Her personality was always so immense Diane felt there was rarely any room for anyone else.

“The film playfully depicts a string of new beginnings founded in letting go of the past.

“Diane isn’t sure what she came to Woodstock for, but what she finds is an open offer of motherly solace, the chance to bond with her children, and perhaps the opportunity to open her heart to someone new.”

OK, Jane Fonda as an old hippie in a movie by the Driving Miss Daisy guy?

This works for me. The tie-dye alone!

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