“Meryl’s A Terrible Neighbor” Say The Whiners


Sour grapes make for flat champagne once again.

Bitter neighbors in Salisbury, Connecticut, are claiming that Meryl Streep is more “Nasty Lady” than “Iron Lady.”

According to this write-up, “She lives on a very big multimillion dollar property in the area, but she doesn’t give back.”

Apparently the three-time Oscar winner doesn’t stop and talk to total strangers. How awful!

And one time ages ago, “she wouldn’t talk to the other moms” at the school where Meryl’s daughter Grace went.

“Then when she did, she snapped at them.”

Oh, please. Take this all with a grain of coke because, first of all, the neighbors aren’t named, interestingly enough.

And secondly, WTF is the greatest actress of her generation supposed to do?

Prance through town and stop at each doorstep to say, “Hey! My name’s Meryl. What’s yours?” and strike up a conversation.

With everyone on the planet wanting a piece of her, is she supposed to skip gaily down the main street signing autographs, shaking hands, and begging people to come over for tea and crackers?

Every time someone drills into her with their burrowing eyes, should she say, “Howdy! Come over and stroke my Oscars”?

It is to laugh.

They should all just bow and scrape and keep moving.