October Baby


Like many teenagers, Hannah (Rachel Hendrix) feels screwed up and muses in her diary about why she’s alive. Unlike many teenagers, her angst has a specific source, and October Baby consists of its torpid, pop-pious exploration. Hannah learns that she’s the survivor of a failed second-term abortion; her resulting health problems include epilepsy, asthma, bountiful brown hair, and perfect eyebrows. Disillusioned with her adoptive parents (John Schneider and Jennifer Price), Hannah embarks on a VW self-discovery tour with her friends and makes eyes at Jason (Jason Burkey) over the head of his squirrelly blond girlfriend. Soon, it’s just the two of them making their way to Mobile and Hannah’s birth mother. Directed by Christian-rock-video veterans Andrew and Jon Erwin, October Baby feels like a Focus on the Family/Lifetime collaboration: A slick piece of pro-life propaganda, it has relatively luxe production values, painfully earnest performances, and a drippy “inspirational” score. Jasmine Guy shows up as the regretful nurse present at the botched abortion and leads Hannah to her mother, who—spoiler alert—turns out to be a heartless lawyer with no official recollection of her sins. “Life isn’t always black-and-white,” Guy says. Except, of course, when it is.

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