For many readers, The Hunger Games is a tale of desperate courage as Katniss defends her District and her life against the murderous Capitol. Not for these comedians. As swarms of fans flock to the midnight premiere of the first chapter in this epic trilogy, 92YTribeca and the Upright Citizens Brigade will be having a competition of their own to rival Suzanne Collins’…except this one will be much funnier. Downtown at 92YTribeca, The Hunger Pains: An Evening With the Harvard Lampoon will be half Q&A, half savagery. Remaining the world’s oldest humor magazine, the famous Harvard Lampoon staff will be talking to audience members about its latest parody book, The Hunger Pains, and then a “massive, Hunger Games–inspired fight to the death” will take place to finish off the premiere festivities. Later, at the UCB East, The Hunger Games: A Bit Show, hosted by a faux Caesar Flickerman, will pit members of each District—audience members chosen by lottery—to battle one another on the stage in an amateur stand-up showdown. Should be a must-see for fans who thought midnight tickets wouldn’t sell out as fast as they did. ‘The Hunger Pains,’ at 7, 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street, 212-601-1000, $12; ‘The Hunger Games: A Bit Show,’ at 11, UCB East, 153 East 3rd Street, 212-366-9231, $5

Thu., March 22, 7 p.m., 2012