Party Supplies’ Five-Step Guide To Making Music From YouTube


“I’m like a magician!” says Party Supplies, the Williamsburg-based producer who rolls with the Fool’s Gold label and whose latest output is Blue Chips, which he recorded with Flushing’s finest, Action Bronson. When lauding his musical sorcery, Party Supplies is referring to his talent of making entire songs out of samples and snippets he’s fished up from out of the pop cultural depths of YouTube. It’s a set-up that he and Bronson mined for Blue Chips—and one that he insists more producers would do well to take advantage of: “I’ve been on a YouTube mission for a minute and really try and tell other people how amazing it is for producers and especially rap producers.” Then he adds, “But I know how to make things magically work through all of the tips and techniques.” Here’s Party Supplies’ five-step guide to making sweet music from the mass of media on YouTube.

1. Fuck Sound Quality!
“Every beat I ever made, I recorded out of a headphone outlet in my computer. I record right out of YouTube through the headphone outlet and into my MPC. It’s only recently that I’ve seen other people starting to do this; I’ve seen that they’ve caught on that people don’t give a fuck about sound quality—they just want to hear a good song. It doesn’t matter how fuckin’ shit sounds, just focus on the song.”

2. Get Spontaneous!
“The beauty of YouTube is in he spontaneity of collecting samples. That’s how Blue Chips was made. Through recommendations that came up on YouTube, we were able to scour this crazy collection of media that just exists for free. It’s an amazing resource that I don’t think enough producers have really gotten up on. Me and Bronson will just sit there and type in the wildest shit—like “hundred acre burgundy carpet”—and see where it takes us. That method put me on to so many samples. And because the recommendations are kinda random, you never know where it’s going to go. So it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s hot!’ And then I output right into my MPC.”

3. Get Lazy!
“Back in the day, you had to do real work to get samples: You had to go out and hunt down and dig around for the vinyl; you had to put the record physically on the turntable and even put on the needle—it was more work and less spontaneity. But now, even all the rare vinyl is uploaded on to YouTube! If you type in the words ‘rare’ and ‘vinyl,’ you’ll get a collection of crazy 45s coming up—like hundreds of pages! It’s like heaven for producers. Think about it: You don’t have to do anything! You just have to get really high and click “next”!”

4. Watch Daytime TV!
“I also run an S-video cable out of my TV and right into my MPC, so I listen to daytime TV all day and have this collection of samples from that. Informercials are the best shit ever! But not even the music, just the sounds, like these cool sounds. So I have this collection of media—not just music—including commercials from the ’80s, old TV shows from the ’80s… it’s like every fuckin’ thing ever created! I mean, I have drum fills that are the shit that were taken from Kellogg’s commercials—Rice Krispies commercials—where the dudes were like jamming intensively. I took it right from there.”

5. Get Creative!
“When Warhol took the soup can and he put it in the painting, he sampled it! He didn’t do shit! Warhol was the illest at that, like just taking something and jockeying it. He would trace!”

Blue Chips is available for download now.

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