Not long ago, filmmaker Sara Driver’s 1980 cult hit You Are Not I, based on the Paul Bowles short story and co-written and shot by her longtime partner Jim Jarmusch, was believed to be lost forever after the negatives were ruined by a leak in a warehouse. So it was much to her surprise when a print surfaced a few years ago in—of all places—Tangier; it was the print she had sent to Bowles many years earlier for his blessing. Now, all cleaned up, the film is the centerpiece of Anthology Film Archives’s retrospective of Driver’s work Sleepwalking: The Films of Sara Driver. Tonight, Driver, actress Suzanne Fletcher (the star of You Are Not I), and archivist Francis Poole, who found the film in Tangier, will be present for the opening night of the series, which also includes a screening of Driver’s Sleepwalk (1986), starring Fletcher, Steve Buscemi, and Ann Magnuson. Later in the week, on March 25, catch Driver in person for a screening of her film When Pigs Fly (1993), with a score by Joe Strummer. Sara Driver will appear at the following screenings: ‘Sleepwalk’ on March 23 at 7, ‘You Are Not I’ on March 23 at 9:15, ‘When Pigs Fly’ on March 25 at 6:30. Series runs through April 1.

Fri., March 23, 7 & 9:15 p.m., 2012

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