The Jewish Guild For the Blind and Homes For the Homeless: See The Tax Returns Of Your Tax Dollars At Work


In this week’s Voice cover story, we take a look at “The Nonprofit 1%,” those people who head tax-exempt organizations which pay them so well, they’re in the top one percent of earners. We take a particularly close look at the Jewish Guild for the Blind, where a $5,000 a year part-time music therapist is given the axe while the CEO earns up to $1.5 million per year, and also at Homes for the Homeless, where the CEO earns more than the President of the United States even though nearly 96 percent of the revenue is from government funds.

Thanks to the Internet, there are a plethora of great tools which can tell you about non-profits, so you can know where your donations and/or tax dollars are going. Charity Navigator lets you see things like what percentage of a non-profit’s budget goes to administration, while GuideStar allows you to see income tax returns for non-profits.

Surprisingly, some of the most up to date tax info comes from the New York State Charities Bureau Registry Search. Because New York is, relatively speaking, pretty strict about making non-profits report, the most up to date information on non-profits doing business in our state can be found here.

It is thanks to this tool that the Voice was able to find the most current information on the Jewish Guild for the Blind and Homes for the Homeless. If you’re a client whose Medicaid funds have funded the Guild and who has wondered why you’re losing your music therapist, a homeless person who has wondered how much the Homes for the Homeless CEO makes in a year ($463,291), or a taxpayer who has funded both organizations, we’ve posted tax documents for both groups here. They open with the four most beautiful words for a government document (“Open To Public Inspection”) so inspect away to your curiosity’s content.

Jewish Guild for the Blind 2008 Taxes

Jewish Guild for the Blind 2009 Taxes

Jewish Guild for the Blind 2010 Taxes

Homes for the Homeless Taxes 2009


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