Chris Geidner of Metro Weekly on Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance: “All Pretense of Clarity Is Gone” [VIDEO]


It’s been an intriguing week for same-sex marriage. While an anti-equality rollback was defeated in the Republican controlled New Hampshire legislature, the White House tried to split their SSM hairs closer than ever on the topic.

We chatted today with our friend Chris Geidner of Metro Weekly about this, who wrote this week that “all pretense of clarity is gone” in the administration’s stance on same-sex marriage in his article, “Obama’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

Geidner regularly attends White House briefings. On Tuesday, he asked White House press secretary Jay Carney about what Michelle Obama meant in recent comments that the Supreme Court justices a president appoints can decide whether Americans can “love whomever we choose.”

Carney had little plausible to say in response to this, and the administration has been pretty mum on another Geidner scoop: Metro Weekly’s possession of a 2008 survey from the Houston GLBT Political Caucus in which candidate Obama said he supported a “formal written policy of non-discrimination that includes sexual orientation and gender identity or expression … for all Federal contractors.”

It was also interesting to hear Geidner’s take on how Michelle Obama has been a pretty traditional First Lady, so it’s highly unusual that she would step away from the administration line on same-sex marriage.

Watch the video above and check out our previous chats with Geidner.

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