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Gay Republicans! WTF Are They Thinking?


I recently heard about a gay porn star who’s Republican and who has publicly backed Romney, and my thoughts were:

*I’m sure Romney’s thrilled. [Rolls eyeballs.]


Can a gay person in their right mind really back any Republican, knowing that their campaigns are generally based on demeaning LGBTs, sending them to the back of the bus, and stripping of them of equality while citing a direct comunication from a higher power?

Yes, I’m fully aware that many Democrats — including our president — don’t advocate gay marriage, but it’s hardly with the same vehemence, moralizing, and hypocrisy that you find in the Republican Party.

(And I feel in Obama’s case it’s a temporary stance, done for political reasons, while he shepherds other gay rights into being.

Not that that makes it OK.)

Even if you like some of the Repubs’ other ideas about taxation, education, or war — and I doubt you would — could that really eradicate their rabid homophobia, their distortion of the tenets this country was founded on, and their insistence on blurring the line between church and state?

At least Log Cabin Republicans are working within the party to advocate equal rights, but obviously they’re not being heard loudly enough, so shouldn’t they jump ship already and go where they’re more appreciated?

And shouldn’t any gay who says he or she is a voting, active Republican be immediately deleted from your friends list?

I hate to dredge up the Holocaust card, but aren’t they a tiny bit like Jews working for Hitler?

Just asking.

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