New Yorkers Tell Albany: Don’t Raise MTA Fares!


MTA rates are expected to go up in 2013, but Empire State straphangers won’t let this happen without a fight.

Transportation Alternatives, a commuter advocacy group, started an online petition March 15 asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislators to stop scheduled fare hikes.

In a week, the petition already has gotten more than 900 signatures.

Transportation Alternatives and commuter advocates have long decried increased fares — which have happened amid cuts to the MTA.

Last week, the State Senate approved a budget resolution slashing $770 million from the MTA’s capital investment plan.

The group says that Albany lawmakers have removed $260 from the transit funds since 2009 — ending service on two subway lines and at 32 bus routes and 570 bus stops citywide. Since 2007, there have been three fare increases.

Public hearings on MTA fares are scheduled for September.

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