Occupy Wall Street Offers Shitty Response To Feces-Dumping Allegations


When we contacted Occupy Wall Street yesterday to ask about allegations that the group is responsible for dumping two giant buckets of feces and urine at two lower Manhattan locations, we thought we’d get some sort of spirited response either denying or embracing the allegations.

We were wrong — rather than deny that the alleged dumper, 25-year-old Jordan Brooks Amos, has any formal involvement with the Occupy movement, or admit that he’s an occupier and condemn his alleged behavior, or even to simply own it and defend the dumpings as a form of protest, the group decided to punt.

“It appears that individuals may have taken it upon themselves to express
their outrage autonomously from any decision making body within OWS,” an OWS spokesman tells the Voice.
“For further comment, you should contact them directly – whoever they


Well, “they,” according to the New York Police Department, are the OWS protesters who’ve been camped out in lower Manhattan for the last six months (in other words, the NYPD is linking the dumpings to the group, not just Amos). And we did contact them directly with the hopes that they’d either have the cojones to say “yeah, that was us,” or the sense to say “we had nothing to do with this and we don’t condone this type of behavior. Amos is a poor example of what the Occupy movement is really about.”

Instead, the occupiers basically told us “we didn’t take a formal vote to decide whether we should dump feces and urine in public places, and we don’t have an opinion either way about whether that’s acceptable behavior.”

In any event, below is the video of the alleged occupier dumping buckets of piss and shit in a public plaza and an ATM vestibule. Enjoy.

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