Tabloid Outing Bonanza For Two Huge Movie Stars


The tabs have been on a rampage lately, uncovering all kinds of same-sex shenanigans reportedly engaged in by those married to the opposite sex.

The result is this Canadian newspaper article, which questions why we’re so obsessed with outing, but manages — in the process of its pained introspection — to repeat all the outing details of the tabloids.

It’s totally disingenuous!

The article describes:

*The masseuse who supposedly was the recipient of come-ons from John Travolta, who ended up dressing him down, as it were.

*And the supposed boyfriend of Will Smith, the star following that by showing up with Jada and the kids at a 76ers game and kissing Jada for the Jumbotron to capture.

So why are we so obsessed with “outing”?

I’ll tell you (since they quoted me in the piece, using an old utterance of mine about the need for equalized reporting).

Because we read about all sorts of private lives of public figures. Why would we want to leave out the gay ones? Because we’re stupid/squeamish/hypocritical?

Because some gays and bisexuals are so in the closet that we’re dying to hear the truth for a change.

Because it seems only natural to us and we wonder why it can’t be natural to them, too.

Anyway, the article makes some strange points, like how “Patrick Neal Harris” [sic] is just “a lowly TV star,” forgetting that he’s in a hugely successful family film franchise right now.

But it also says that it seems like Travolta wants to get caught, and asks if it would hurt the actor if he came out now.

“Deeply improbable,” it replies.

The balls are in your court, JT.

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