The Voice Talks “The Nonprofit 1 Percent” and Trayvon Martin On WWRL With Yetta Kurland [AUDIO]


Last night, the Voice was invited to appear on Yetta Kurland Live on WWRL to talk about this week’s cover story, “The Nonprofit 1 Percent,” as well as to discuss the rally for Trayvon Martin, which we’d just covered prior to arriving at the studio.

Kurland spoke with us about the Jewish Guild for Blind and the income disparity between some of its lowest paid employees (who were laid off) and its CEO, Dr. Alan Morse, who was paid $1.5 million in 2009, receiving an 82% raise the year after the financial crash. Guild music therapist Debbie Moran, laid off despite only earning $5,000 a year, called in to the show to talk about her choir members, whom she’d worked with for 20 years prior to receiving a pink slip.

Kurland also discussed the overlap between Occupy Wall Street and how the income disparities the movement has pointed out in the finance sector also seem to happen within the nonprofit world.

Yetta Kurland Live is part of WWRL’s Equality Pride Radio, and broadcasts from 10 to 11 PM on Wednesdays on WWRL 1600 AM and www.wwrl1600.com.

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