There’s a Glory Hole In A TCM Classic Movie!


This just came in from our own Southern Dave:

“Switching around from channel to channel, I came to TCM, where The Hanging Tree (1958), starring Gary Cooper, was showing.

“There’s a storm, and the wind and rain cause a huge tree to topple over, displaying its roots and the big cavity below it.

Maria Schell runs over and begins to find chunks of gold in the roots.

Karl Malden follows her and starts yelling, ‘Glory hole! Glory hole!’

“I nearly fell out of my Lazy-Boy.

“There’s a dissolve and all sorts of miners show up yelling ‘Glory hole!’

“Turns out it’s a mining term! Who knew?

“This has confirmed the axiom that everything you need to know you can find in the movies.

“Back in the ’70s, when pornos had actual stories and depicted (however briefly) activities other than sex, I learned the best method of scrambling eggs from a ‘skin flick.’ (God, what a quaint term!)

“Education is a wonderful thing.”


I wish Malden had started yelling “Glory hole!” in Gypsy

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