Tim Tebow: Do The Jets Really Need This Guy?


The deal between the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos for quarterback Tim Tebow is now complete.


Jesus’ favorite quarterback will be wearing green next season in exchange for two draft picks — a fourth-rounder and sixth-rounder in 2012 — thanks to a deal that nearly fell apart in the late stages yesterday afternoon.

As we noted yesterday, not everyone’s thrilled with the trade — more specifically, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie isn’t thrilled with the trade (former Jets QB Joe Namath apparently also is on the list of those not fond of the move).

Cromartie took to Twitter yesterday to let the world know that the Jets didn’t need Tebow — he literally said “we don’t need Tebow.”

As obnoxious as getting hassled by a new colleague can be, Cromartie may have a point — even if it could have been better made in the confines of the Jets’ locker room.

The Jets just signed their presumed starter, Mark Sanchez, to a three-year contract extension — despite his already having thrown 51 interceptions (including three in the last game of the 2011 season), and having an unimpressive career QB rating of 73.2, in the three years he’s already been at the helm of Rex Ryan’s squad.

As Cromartie points out, the team made the decision to stick with Sanchez, so they should do what they can to build a team around him, not hold auditions for his replacement.

Aside from the contract extension for Sanchez, the Jets just picked up former Detroit Lions backup Drew Stanton (and gave him a $500,000 signing bonus), and still have former Alabama star Greg McElroy in their arsenal of wannabe B-squad quarterbacks.

Additionally, Tebow brings with him the guarantee that the first time Sanchez throws an interception, every drunk J-E-T-S fan at every home game — and every Tebow fan on the road — is gonna start chanting “Tebow! Tebow!” until sexy Rexy throws him in the game (it’s called Rookie of the Year Syndrome — and it happened with Tebow in Denver).

In other words, with a fan-favorite like Tebow holding his clipboard, there’s additional — unwanted, and un-needed — pressure on Sanchez.

However, Tebow seems to have the lord on his side, which can’t hurt things. He’s also a nice addition if the Jets want to start running a wildcat offense more frequently, which they likely will with Tony Sporano as the team’s new offensive coordinator.

There are pros and cons to having Tebow on the team. Cons: resources were used on him that could have been used elsewhere, and he could prove to be a distraction for Sanchez, the Jets’ 40-million-dollar man. Pros: Jesus and a wildcat offense.

We want to know what you think, though: do the Jets really need Tebow?