Tomorrow: Our 10 Best West Village Restaurants, 2012 Edition


The fabled Niku-Uni (chuck flap topped with sea urchin) at Takashi. But is it good enough to catapult the restaurant into Our 10 Best?

It’s been two years since Fork in the Road has offered up a ranking of Our 10 Best West Village Restaurants.

Lots has happened in the interim. Many new restaurants have opened, some old places have kept the quality high, while other treasured old standards have subsided into mediocrity in what is perhaps the best overall restaurant neighborhood in the entire city (many might disagree).

Italian restaurants and wine bars have multiplied like horny bunnies, the number of Greek-style diners have remained stable at six, tiny-pie pizza places have extended their dominion, and Japanese sushi bars, gastropubs, and bistros have become more twee but only slightly more prevalent. Oh, and Irish bars now occur every couple of blocks.

So please tune in bright and early tomorrow morning to take a peek at Our 10 Best West Village Restaurants, 2012 Edition.

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