Will the True Pizza of Naples Please Stand Up? A Pie Quiz


The unprepossessing facade of Naples’s wonderful Da Michele

Every tiny expensive pizza these days wants to be considered the true pie of Naples, and some have the certificates to prove it. Well, I went to Naples a few years back to see what the pizza is really like on its home turf. Really, they are not such a big deal (or so expensive) as they are here. Downed with a Coke, in pizza parlors and from carts, pizza is a working-class lunch, not a luxury meal.

I’ve gathered pictures of 10 Naples-style pies in New York, San Francisco, and Naples itself. See if you can exercise your pizza prowess and figure out which is which. Below are 10 photos with the Mystery Number attached. They come from the following sources:

900 Degrees (now defunct, but once in Manhattan)
Barboncino (Brooklyn)
Co. (Manhattan)
Da Michele (Naples)
Donatella Pizzeria (Manhattan)
Kesté (Manhattan)
Pizza Napoletana (San Francisco, and progenitor of 900 Degrees)
Roberta’s (Brooklyn)
Saraghina (Brooklyn)
Trianon (Naples)

So please grab a pencil, match the pizza with the place it came from, then fill out the quiz on the following page.

Correct answers will be announced this weekend. Here’s the link for the answers.

Questionnaire follows

Note that you must put an answer for each pie for the results to be recorded!