At Flushing’s Minzhongle: Best Dish Name in the Entire City?


The Organ Meat Society recently enjoyed a splendid meal at northern Chinese restaurant Minzhongle, on Main Street in Flushing. But one dish really stood out, name-wise, bringing a chuckle to everyone’s lips — Big Buekstraps Paddywack. What could it be? We wondered as we ordered it.

Here it is: Big Buekstraps Paddywack

Of course, “paddywack” is a word in a famous chidren’s rhyme: “Nick, nack, paddywack, give your dog a bone / This old man came rolling home.” But does that have any connection, no matter how remote, with the dish?

According to Wikipedia, a “paddywack” is an angry Irishman from the 19th century.

The OMS has among its members a Mandarin speaker (and, for that matter, an angry 19th-century Irishman), but even he was unable to coax an explanation from the waitress, who threw up her hands and said, “It’s a tough part of the cow,” pointing to her midsection.

Hey, FiTR readers, any idea what this really is? It was tough and tasty, fibrous and dotted with what looked like sesame seeds (you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it).

37-14 Main Street
Flushing, Queens


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