Carole King (9) And Anthrax (16) Will Move The Earth In This SOTC March Madness Matchup


​Sound of the City’s search for the quintessential New York City musician enters Round Two this week, with battles in the Round of 32 daily. Keep up with all the action here.

The Round of 32 closes out today, and what better way to finish things out with a battle between pop classicist Carole King and local metal heroes Anthrax? Look out below!

Best Song:
Carole King: “I Feel The Earth Move”

Her breezy reading of the love-as-earthquake metaphor puts this Tapestry track over the many other contenders that she wrote for herself and others.

Anthrax: “I’m The Man”

“Hava Nagila,” replacements for swear words that sound fresh even (especially?) in this era of almost-nearly-bleeped-out pop songs that included a sampled Sam Kinison for, the then-revolutionary declaration that rap and metal could in fact mix—and that those who disagreed could suck the band’s “sexual organ located in the lower abdominal area”—are only half of what makes this song still fun to get caught in a mosh to today.

Longevity: King hasn’t put out a new album of non-holiday material since 2001, but her songs live on in ads and on American Idol. Anthrax, despite having a bit of a revolving-door with its frontmen, is still thrashing about, and last year they played Yankee Stadium as part of the Big 4 metal throwdown.

Innovations: Being part of the Brill Building’s songwriting crew meant that many of her pop innovations seem like common tropes of the genre now. Also, Really Rosie, which King co-wrote with Maurice Sendak, set tons of ’70s kids on a self-actualizing path. “I’m The Man” and Anthrax’s collaborative Public Enemy cover “Bring The Noise” helped sow the seeds for the rap-rock explosion that would take over the radio years later, for better or worse.

Starpower: Neither contender is currently supernova-level huge, but King’s easy repose on the cover of Tapestry is remembered fondly by many. Hyperactive Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian is a regular on Vh1 clip-and-lol shows and co-starred alongside Sebastian Bach and Ted Nugent on the VH1 metal soap Supergroup.

Intangibles: The beard belonging to Ian has 679 fans on Facebook.

Likely Winner: Both King and Anthrax knocked off higher-seeded competitors to get here, but Anthrax’s worst-offs-first trajectory gives them a bit more momentum.


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