Imaginary “Troll” Sings “Bali Hai” In Icelandic While Wearing Bjork’s Swan Dress!


You remember the famed swan dress that Björk wore at the Oscars, which caused so much furor and chatter it was like the original Angelina’s leg.

Well, singer/comic/actor Lea DeLaria is wearing a facsimile of it in a new play called Out of Iceland.

I ran into Lea the other day and she told me, “I play Thor, a figment of the imagination of one of the characters.”

(The press release describes Thor as “Iceland’s flamboyant troll.”)

“I’m a man — or a woman,” Lea added.

“Indeterminate gender?” I asked.

“Yes,” she responded. “That’s a joke in the script.

“The play is very Beetlejuice meets Bugs Bunny.

“Anyway, they go from a cabin to a volcano in Iceland, and I come out in a swan dress and sing ‘Bali Hai’ in Icelandic. I’ve been rehearsing it for two weeks.”

Hmm. This sounds way more fun than Out of Africa.

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